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Resources for Finding Your Next Employee

We know finding good staff for your shops is quite a challenge - ASA is here to help.

Work with our recruiting partner.

The Right Tool to Find the Right Hire

ASA is proudly partnering with BlueRecruit to bring its members an exclusive discount: Save 10% on Credit Purchases.

  • BlueRecruit is a software platform that accelerates and simplifies the hiring of skilled tradespeople.
  • Login and search for Job Seekers with exact skills and certifications in just 5 minutes.
  • Account creation, searches, and viewing Job Seekers are free. Credits are valid for 12 months and only needed to connect.
  • Customers save 74% on hiring costs and connect with three times more Job Seekers than industry standard.

Click here to download flyer.

Look to TFF to help fill your positions and develop apprenticeships.

Consider hiring a female professional.

Classifieds (300 × 250 px)

ASA members can now take advantage of our free classified ads!
Whether you’re looking to hire new staff, sell equipment, or offer your services, we’ve got you covered.

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