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Rhode Island Bill would Redefine “Unfair Insurance Practice” in Insurers’ Favor

A bill - known as S. 2210 - introduced in the Rhode Island State Senate would make it harder to hold insurance companies liable for unfair insurance practices.

Under the state's current law, failure to have a licensed appraiser conduct an appraisal on a vehicle estimated to have suffered at least $2,500 in damage constitutes an unfair insurance practice. Failure to perform the appraisal within three business days after the repairer requested the appraisal also qualifies as an unfair insurance practice.

The proposed legislation would raise the respective thresholds to $5,000 in estimated damage and within four business days after the appraisal was requested.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has not scheduled a hearing to consider the legislation as of January 26, 2024.

Click here to read S. 2210 in its entirety.