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Rhode Island Bill would Limit Insurers’ Ability to Deny Coverage for OEM Repair Parts

A bill was introduced in the Rhode Island Legislature that would restrict insurance companies' ability to refuse to cover OEM repair parts in certain situations.

Under the current law in Rhode Island, insurers are not allowed to require the use of non-OEM parts on vehicles that are less than 48 months beyond their manufactured date, unless the repairer has received written consent from the vehicle owner to use those parts. The recently introduced legislation - titled H. 7264 - would forbid insurance companies from refusing the use of OEM parts when negotiating repairs with a repairer for vehicles that are between 48 to 72 months from their manufactured date, as long as the repairer has written consent from the vehicle owner to install OEM parts. The proposed change would not apply to the repair or replacement of motor vehicle glass.

Click here to read H. 7264 in its entirety.