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ASA, OEMs, and SCRS Offer Themselves as a Resource to Congress and Constituents

The Automotive Service Association (ASA), the Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Alliance), and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) have sent a joint letter to Congress offering to assist constituents who are encountering difficulties locating vehicle diagnostic and repair data.

The letter acknowledges that the rapid pace of automotive innovation can lead to confusion with regards to accessing the data needed to repair a vehicle. The parties assure Congress that this information is available to vehicle owners and independent repair shops of their choosing, as stipulated in the agreement the three groups signed in July 2023. That agreement explicitly states that independent repairers are entitled to the same diagnostic and repair data that the OEMs provide to their franchised dealerships, and that new technologies - like telematics and alternative power transmissions - may interfere with that right. The letter invites Congressional offices to email should they "ever hear from a constituent experiencing a challenge with repairing a vehicle at a location of his or her choosing." The letter signatories are happy to direct the office and constituent to the appropriate resource. 

Click here to read the full letter sent to Congress.