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Tesla and Rivian Support ASA’s R2R Agreement with AAI and SCRS

Auto manufacturers Tesla and Rivian have notified the Automotive Service Association, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists, and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation that it supports and is aligned on the Right-to-Repair agreement signed by the three industry groups.

Key components of the agreement:

  • “There shall be available for purchase by owners of motor vehicles and by independent repair facilities on fair and reasonable terms the same diagnostic and repair information, including service manuals and technical repair updates, that a manufacturer makes available to its authorized dealers…”
  • “Telematics systems shall not be used to circumvent the commitments made in this commitment to provide independent repair facilities with access to vehicle diagnostic data. To the extent that specific telematic diagnostic and repair data is needed to complete a repair, and also provided to an automaker’s authorized dealers, the automaker shall make such information available to vehicle owners and independent repair facilities…”
  • “This commitment applies to all vehicle technologies regardless of powertrain, including gasoline, diesel, fuel cell, electric battery, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric powertrains.”


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