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EPA Proposes Rules that would Significantly Lower Emissions

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed rules that would significantly lower automotive emissions. Click here to read the EPA’s official press release on the proposal.

Key provisions include:

  • Fleet average of no more than 82 grams of carbon/mile (light duty cars and trucks and medium duty vehicles)
  • Fleet average of no more than 12 milligrams of nitrogen oxides/mile
  • Applicable to vehicles sold in model years 2027 through 2032

Republican members of Congress criticized the proposal. Congresswoman Kathy McMorris-Rodgers – chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee – stated in a press release that, “The Environmental Protection Agency will make cars unaffordable…with these proposals, people will be forced to pay more for a car they can’t afford…This will hurt low-income families the most, while also making us more reliant on China for critical minerals necessary for electric vehicles.” Click here to read Chairwoman McMorris-Rodgers’ full statement.

Democrats expressed greater support for the proposal. Senator Tom Carper – Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee – stated, “Thanks to recent technological advancements and historical levels of investment through the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, electric vehicles are more affordable and in demand than ever before. In addition to providing regulatory support to where the market is already heading, EPA’s proposed vehicle emissions standards…will save Americans money at the pump and better insulate our country from the volatility of the global oil market. Click here to read Chairman Carper’s full statement.