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EU Advances Legislation on Vehicle Data Access

The European Union Parliament held the first of three votes needed to pass legislation that would amend its Data Act to account for vehicle data access. The legislation passed that first round vote. If it were to pass the next two rounds, it would change EU law to allow drivers to access the data their vehicle generates. It would also allow OEMs and companies to not make certain data available by design.

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) opposes the proposal. Instead, it wants European Commissioner Thierry Breton to “urgently bring forward long-planned legislation on access to in-vehicle data, functions, and resources,” that his commission has been working on, by fall of 2023, as communicated in its statement.

Earlier this year, CLEPA published a position paper – in conjunction with industry allies – calling on the European Commission to provide regulatory guidance on in-vehicle data access.

Click here to read that position paper.