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U.S. EPA Releases Rule on Air Emissions for Heavy-Duty Trucks

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a rule today that will require heavy-duty trucks sold in 2027 to significantly decrease their air emissions of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants. This rule is a result of the Biden administration's initiative to eliminate carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

Although these emissions restrictions are significant, the rule falls short of the emissions restrictions in the state of California, which many environmental groups were hoping to be adopted as a federal standard. The EPA estimates that these restrictions will cut NOx emissions from heavy-duty vehicles 47 percent by 2024.

EPA said that the rule will bring $29 billion in annual net benefits, preventing as many as 2,900 premature deaths and 18,000 cases of childhood asthma, resulting in 6,700 fewer hospital emissions and emergency room visits.

It will cost between $3.9 billion and $4.7 billion annually, according to EPA estimates.

Read the final rule here.