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Sen. Markey Sends Letter to Auto CEOs on Vehicle Keyless Entry Systems

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) sent a letter this week to all major automaker CEOs requesting information on the security of vehicle keyless entry systems. In the letter, Markey cited statistics that indicate vehicle theft has experienced a sharp increase in recent years despite a consistent decline since 1990.

The letter indicates that keyless entry systems have increased opportunities for human error and are enabling thieves an opportunity to override vehicle systems and steal cars. There are a variety of mitigation strategies that Markey cites in the letter that automakers could use to increase vehicle safety and discourage vehicle thefts.

In the letter's conclusion, Senator Markey has requested information from automakers on a number of questions to determine the security and safety of vehicle keyless entry systems and to begin work on improving these systems.


To read the full letter, click here.