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NHTSA Releases Crash Data for High-Tech Vehicles

In June 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a standing general order requiring crash reporting on all vehicles equipped with Level 2 and above Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). NHTSA released a report today detailing the crash data from the last year.

Between June 29, 2021, and May 15, 2022, NHTSA received reports on 392 crashes involving vehicles with Level 2 ADAS and reports on 130 crashes involving vehicles equipped with Level 3 and 4 automated systems.

“The data released today are part of our commitment to transparency, accountability and public safety,” said Dr. Steven Cliff, NHTSA’s Administrator. “New vehicle technologies have the potential to help prevent crashes, reduce crash severity and save lives, and the Department is interested in fostering technologies that are proven to do so; collecting this data is an important step in that effort. As we gather more data, NHTSA will be able to better identify any emerging risks or trends and learn more about how these technologies are performing in the real world.”

Going forward, crash data will be released on a monthly basis. Read the full report here.