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John Deere Announces Expanded Access to Independent and Self-Repair Resources

This week, John Deere announced intentions to expand access to self-repair resources for consumers and independent repair shops. Earlier this month, two federal lawsuits were filed against the agriculture equipment manufacturer alleging that the company was engaging in unfair competitive practices by restricting the access of consumers and independent repair shops to service information and technology.

In a statement from John Deere, Luke Gakstatter, Senior VP for Aftermarket and Consumer Report stated:

We recognize our customers’ desire for more autonomy in managing their equipment. Quality and uptime are essential to their operations. That’s why we’re expanding the point-of-sale options for Customer Service ADVISOR to include the John Deere Store website, which will give our customers and independent repair shops direct access to additional self-repair tools.

Due to this change, John Deere equipment owners will continue to have the choice to visit a John Deere dealership, an independent repair shop, or to fix their equipment themselves.

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