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President Biden Issues Final Rule on Tailpipe Standards

The Biden Administration released a final rule on tailpipe standards today, reversing some Trump-era regulations and taking another step in the administration's ambitious climate policy. The final rule, Reg. 2060-AV13, applies to vehicles model year 2023 through 2026 and requires that automakers make a 10.3 percent improvement in tailpipe emissions by 2026.

This final rule is even more stringent than the proposed regulation issued earlier this year. The rule requires that model year 2026 vehicles of any automaker will have to average 40 miles per gallon (mpg), and the rule closes many loopholes that environmental groups identified in the proposed regulation earlier this year.

This rule is just one step of many in the Biden administration's push towards complete electric vehicle adoption and other ambitious climate policies. Currently, only automakers Tesla, Subaru, and Honda meet the requirements for tailpipe standards outright.

To read the final rule, click here.