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The House Committee on Energy and Commerce Holds Hearing on Electric Vehicles

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce Energy Subcommittee held a hearing today on “The Clean Future Act: Driving Decarbonization of the Transportation Sector”. The committee members heard testimony from:


  • Amol Phadke, M.S., Ph.D, Staff Scientist and Deputy Department Head, International Energy Analysis Department Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


  • Joe Britton, Executive Director, Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA)


  • Josh Nassar, Legislative Director, International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW)


  • David Jankowsky, Founder and President, Francis Energy


  • Michelle Michot Foss, Ph.D., Fellow in Energy and Minerals, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University


  • AJ Siccardi, President, Metroplex Energy


The hearing discussed consideration of The Clean Future Act, which would make significant investments in electric vehicles, energy and infrastructure to work toward the goal of a zero-emission transportation sector by 2050. The witnesses answered questions on the feasibility of electric vehicle implementation and adoption, the reliability of our energy infrastructure, and the consumer benefits and costs that come with a push for electric vehicles.


To watch the hearing in its entirety, click here.

To read The Clean Future Act draft legislation, click here.