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Alliance for Automotive Innovation Calls on NHTSA for NCAP Updates

This week, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation published recommendations for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to update the federal safety rating system for automobiles. The New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) is designed to inform consumers through rating vehicles on their crashworthiness and some crash avoidance features. However, as cars become increasingly technologically advanced, the NCAP has fallen behind in its effectiveness to rate the safety of new vehicles.


The Auto Innovators made a variety of long and short-term recommendations for improving the NCAP. The “Kick Start” immediate improvements include implementing a scoring process for new crash avoidance technology, such as forward collision warning systems or automatic braking technology. Longer term suggestions include establishing mid and long-range road maps for future vehicle technology, regular involvement with stakeholder groups, and consistent and harmonized program updates.


According to the Alliance, making these improvements to NCAP would provide consumers with more real-time and beneficial safety information about owning and driving cars with new technology. Additionally, revamping the NCAP process now will allow NHTSA to continue to keep pace with the rapidly evolving auto industry and new technologies.


To read the Alliance for Automotive Innovation “Plan to Advance Safety at the Speed of Innovation”, click here.