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Alliance for Automotive Innovation Releases 4-Year Policy Roadmap for AV Innovation

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation released today the “Policy Roadmap to Advance Automated Vehicle Innovation: A four-year plan to revolutionize transportation”. This roadmap contains 14 specific recommendations organized into three main pillars: reform regulations to allow for AV deployment at scale, harmonize federal, state, and international policies, and lay the foundation to achieve longer-term objectives.


The roadmap was unveiled today at a webinar hosted by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation with stakeholders from OEM and policy groups. The panelists discussed a variety of recommendations, with a particular emphasis on the necessity of clearing a regulatory pathway for autonomous vehicles (AVs) by creating a new vehicle class for AVs and improving the exemption petition process for manufacturers to produce and test AVs.


Additionally, the panelists discussed the difficulties of testing and deploying AVs across the United States with the current state-by-state laws and regulations. Manufacturers spoke to the necessity of coordinating federal and state AV policies such that new vehicle technology can be safely and effectively tested and deployed across the country.


The Alliance for Automotive Innovation believes that autonomous vehicles “have the potential to solve many of our current transportation dilemmas” and have created this roadmap in the hopes that it will support and guide AV policymaking going forward.


Read the full roadmap here.


Read the Alliance for Automotive Innovation press release here.